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Francisco Estrada



Francisco Estrada, (Born, December 1st, 1975), a passionate photographer and environmentalist, was born in Mexico City, District Federal.  Estrada grew up in a traditional household where family values were a mainstay. As a young boy, Estrada’s father had numerous cameras, his father being a black-and-white photographer.  

 The family had an assortment of cameras around the house and Estrada’s father would take him out on photography shoots, mostly of the natural surroundings, cityscapes and beautiful mountain ranges which surround Mexico City.  Estrada’s father helped nurture his ever-growing passion for photography since the age of nine, purchasing his first camera for him.

 In his late teens, Francisco was determined to capture life in Mexico through the lens of his camera, so he began traveling around the country. Through this experience, he decided to make a career out of photography ultimately enrolling in one of the premier universities in Mexico, Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Estrada majored in communications and media, enhancing his career as he pursued photography and working as a videographer. 

 After several public exhibitions and one as recent as 2010 in Mexico City and through professional recommendations, Estrada has been sought out by influential land developers and business owners to shoot photography in Los Cabos, Mexico, a short one-hour flight over the Sea of Cortez from Guadalajara.  His “first break” was with Mr. Ron Swanson who opened many doors for Estrada in the real estate industry and hotels.   It was in Los Cabos where Estrada’s career really took off. 

 After some of his original photography was seen by print magazine publishers, wedding planners, marketing agencies and more, Estrada was in high-demand.   Shortly thereafter in 2003, Estrada developed a complete photography studio called, PhotoMexico Photography.

 In 2009, award-winning having specialized in destination weddings over the entirety of his career, officially opened a division of photography dedicated to one thing and one thing only…capturing the perfect destination wedding. Estrada is so well-respected in the destination wedding photography industry that he has been hired to travel all over North America and even Paris, France.  Yet, his passion, knowledge and destination expertise remains to be in Los Cabos and Mexico, in general.  

 Now, the most sought after wedding photography company in Los Cabos, Mexico is PhotoAmore 

CAPTURING LOVE: PhotoAmore Photography provides you with full coverage on your wedding day.  We want, for you, to provide the highest level of coverage and detail.  We go above and beyond helping you plan and prepare for the photos that will last a lifetime.  You and your dear ones will be able to relive these moments with joyful memories, moments that might have slipped away unrecorded, that you might not have been present for yourself.  Your beloved getting ready, your family’s expressions during the ceremony, and all of the details in between, captured.

At PhotoAmore Photography, wedding photography goes beyond the expected. We are skilled at creating unique, contemporary lifestyle images with a fashion twist.  Some of the tools that we bring to a wedding shoot are a strong sense of cropping and composition, motion, lighting and color.  The images we produce are both illustrative and conceptual.  We always bring a fresh angle and are happy to provide creative input throughout for the bride, groom, family and guests.


“Every wedding is a unique story of love, friendship, family and tradition- my greatest pleasure is to capture the beauty, the joy and all of the details in an artistic and journalistic fashion.”


“We look forward to capturing the love on your wedding day.”




Francisco Estrada


With year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, luxurious villa rentals and resorts, Los Cabos, Mexico is an ideal location for your perfect destination wedding. With Cabo’s extensive offerings of activities including fishing charters and golf, all of your guests will have plenty to see and do.  When your dream wedding comes to a close, you’re already in one of the world’s most romantic honeymoon settings!  

PhotoAmore Photography helps you capture these moments around the destination of Los Cabos, the place we know better than anyone else!  Nobody Does Los Cabos Weddings Better!  

Imagine trading in the pressure of planning wedding photography for relaxing on the warm sands along the Sea of Cortez while our expert team of photographers work with your wedding coordinator handling all the details and preparing the perfect shot. We’ll help you craft a completely customized photography session —whether it’s a casual barefoot ceremony on the beach or a lavish formal gala on the terrace of your private villa. With aquamarine waters as the backdrop for your photos, your Cabo wedding can truly be “picture perfect.”

Focusing in Los Cabos for over 10 years, PhotoAmore Photography provides the inside track on the best locations for photography venues.  We’ll help you select photography sessions on luxury yacht charters or beachfront resort perfectly suited to your personal vision of a dream wedding. Our friendly and professional photography team has many years of experience helping hundreds of couples planning their ideal wedding photography in this beautiful destination.

 PhotoAmore Photography truly is an expert in the destination of Los Cabos, Mexico.  Our love and passion for the destination only enhances and captures the love you feel for each other…


Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary wedding photography involves having the cutting edge in photographic techniques and styles. Currently this involves informal photojournalism (whether posed or not) that gives more genuine emotions and reactions. From here artistic styles may or may not be applied to the original image to enhance the effect of the photograph. Most of contemporary wedding photography aims for candid shots from a distance, usually catching original moments.   

 Posed photography, such as in formals, are usually only for family portraits. Even bride and groom pictures are done using posed photojournalism, where the photographer instructs the couple initially and then captures the couple being natural in that position. Here in Los Cabos (Los Angeles), Mexico, photographers at the high-end all use posed sessions while PhotoAmore Photography specializes in capturing candid photos and artistic, dramatic perspectives.

 PhotoAmore Photography is one of the few studios in all of Mexico using the Contemporary Wedding Photography technique.  Owner, Francisco Estrada practically invented these techniques in Los Cabos, Mexico and has become one of the leaders in the field today.


Digital VS Film Wedding Photography

Digital Wedding photography vs. film is a big deal for most brides choosing a photographer. Really, it should not be any issue at all. Digital wedding photography has many benefits that increase workflow and ease of use, which hopefully leads to better photographs. This really depends on the individual digital or non - digital photographer. 

Advantages of digital wedding photography include faster post-production (no film to scan in digitally), ease for posting online, negatives in the form of a DVD, and more photos that can be taken on the day of the wedding. Digital wedding photographers have been known to take up to 70 to 100 images per hour, providing a ratio of 70% of those in color photography and 30% in black-and-white. For non - digital wedding photographers, no one would ever use up almost 100 rolls of 35mm film in one day. 

All of our photography is shot using cameras providing over 21 megapixels, Cannon equipment; images are shot in RAW format and then processed in our full-service studio based in Cabo San Lucas.  All images receive the utmost attention to detail, best post-production techniques and editing.  We deliver the photography directly to the bride and groom only hours after the ceremony.  Our company policy is to always hand the DVD of high-resolution directly over to the client personally and additionally, our work and rights have a lifetime guarantee.  

When working with non-digital cameras and shooting, an additional cost applies due to the film being more expensive and the post-production more time consuming.  Yet, visually, images show textures, colors and lighting with exuberance and there truly is no replacement for traditional film.  What’s more, we use the finest quality of film offered in the world today.

PhotoAmore Photography offers you both types to choose from but most of our wedding clientele today prefer digital photography.


Artistic Photographic Style

Artistic wedding photography is generally opposite to documentary wedding photography. It involves artistic angles and lighting that pull more out of the picture than usual. This also involves more post production to stylize the photos, such as with black and white, sepia, glows, selective colors, and vignetting.   

 Black and white is not necessarily artistic photography (since it is the original medium of photography) but can be used in varying ways using digital techniques to create something more artistic than the original image.  You will find that most of my photography sessions for wedding photography effectively use black and white in my portfolios.  (Click here for more B & W pictures)


Informal, Documentary Photography

Documentary wedding photography is opposite to artistic wedding photography and it is correlated with informal wedding photojournalism. It mostly involves taking the pictures in a method to capture the day without any bias or modification.   

 For example, the first kiss could be a dreamy artistic photograph or dramatic artistic photography depending on the bride and groom`s styles and post production input. The documentary photography styles will simply concentrate on capturing the moment for what it is instead. This is wedding photojournalism that seeks for natural poses that happen naturally. Emotions are more accurate since they are genuine and not falsely acted out.

 Most recently, PhotoAmore Photography has more and more requests to include additional photographers that document the entire wedding planning, locations, family members, rehearsals, after ceremonies as well as the wedding itself.  Francisco Estrada oversees every aspect of the documentary taking photos as well as capturing your moments, personally.


PACKAGE INFO: Our personalized wedding packages will vary depending on date, how many people, ceremonies, locations, digital VS film cameras and more.  

 Please contact us directly for more information or fill in the registration form on the Contact Us page so we can begin planning your destination wedding photography for you!



Upon client request, we provide beautiful, leather bound photo albums which can also be personalized with names and dates.  We also provide 4 X 6 proofs for our art delight albums.  All of our leather bound photo albums are works of art in themselves and reflect the Mexican artisan flair that themes your destination wedding.  Interior bride books are lined with a thick, one-of-a-kind cotton paper with gold or silver details. To best serve our destination wedding clientele, we also provide print services on line, displaying the images for them via a special client password.